Our Story

Along with his sister Madhu who lives both in India and Canada, Taron has lead and hosted fully escorted, concieraged trips to both North and South India for the past 20 years! Having been an experienced Retreat and Seminar Leader since the mid-80’s, being of ‘Indian origin’ and having done so many successful retreats, Taron was asked by retreat participants in the mid-90’s if he would lead a group to India.

He recognized that there was a need within the travel market for small, personalized and culturally authentic tours which were fully concieraged by those who understood the subtleties of both ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ perspectives.

Thus, Lets Do India was created by Taron to provide a highly personalized, fun and meaningful experience for those discerning travellers who enjoyed the intimacy of a small group experience, while benefitting from the value received through group rates.

Since our first group in 1996, we have had fantastic, deeply insightful and enriching adventure starting in North India and from 2009, including South India.

Our Services

Individual ‘Solo’ Travelers

If you wish to visit India for tourism, personal development or study, we can customize your trip to be safe, smooth and authentic. 

We ensure that you have everything in place and are fully looked after, whether you wish to go for sightseeing and touring or to stay for several months.

Couples, families and small groups

If you are travelling with a friend, a partner, or with your family or group of friends, we can customize a program that can fit for your time lines and specific needs and interests. 

Business Travelers

We provide full support, including local support to assist you in having a successful and enjoyable business trip to India.

Professional Associations

If you are a professional association or an organization who has or wishes to put together a customized trip and tour for your membership, we work with you to plan, organize and launch a trip to fit your associations goals.

*Note – you have the option of having us fully or partially concierge your trip. Alternatively, we can provide local support in addition to that which is always part of a customized package. In all situations, you will be fully taken care of before, during and following your Lets Do India experience. We guarantee it!

Our next fully concierged itinerary

North India

October 4 - 15, 2019

Day 1 – 3 Delhi
Day 4 – 5 Agra
Day 5 – 7 Jaipur
Day 8 – 12 Rishikesh

South India

Oct 15 - 25, 2019

Day 12 – 13 Cochin
Day 13 – 14 Bracknell Forest/Munnar
Day 15 – 16 Periyar
Day 17 – 19 Somatherum Ayurvedic Resort
Day 20 – 22 Bombay (Mumbai)
Day 22 Evening transfer to airport for journey home

Travel Documents

Click on the flyer in the documents section below for an itinerary and contact us for more detailed information and to REGISTER. We guarantee that you will have an amazing experience, enjoying our premium ‘small group’ fully escorted personalized service. Our Trip Flyer and Itinerary can be downloaded here.

Your Hosts (Team)

Taron has been creating and leading retreats and seminars globally for the past 30 years. The focus of his programs has always been centered around increasing our self-awareness to promote learning, growth and healing within our lives. He believes that every experience in our lives gifts us with the opportunity to learn about ourselves, and we can become enriched and truly free when we approach life from a positive, inside-out attitude.

He has travelled extensively, sharing his passion for the Gift of Life and all that he has learned from it. He brings his insights and experiences as a Spiritual Philosopher and Master Meditator to all of his trips and retreats, inspiring participants to find more happiness, joy and peace within themselves. One of his favorite sayings is “To know the Self is to know the Universe”.

He is currently authoring a book entitled ‘Finding the Guru Within’, and has launched a movement to support people in taking full accountability for their lives and finding solutions for self-empowerment from within themselves. To learn more, visit www.findingtheguruwithin.com

Having lived in several countries over the past 30 years, Madhu is a seasoned traveller who now makes her home between Calgary Canada and Chandigarh India. With her brother Taron, she has hosted guests on our Lets Do India Adventures for the past 22 years. The unique combination of having been a world traveller, along with being a ‘local’ in India, enables Madhu to ensure that guests have an authentic experience while taking care of the little things that for international travelers, make a good trip, great!

Madhu has been described as a High Energy, Fun Loving, Positive individual who is also an excellent chef and a master shopper! She brings a wealth of experience in introducing guests to the huge variety of culinary experiences that India offers, along with a flair for negotiating the best deals on your behalf for all your shopping needs. From custom made clothing, jewellery, carpets, handicrafts to bargains at local markets, whatever you desire, Madhu will source and find it and ensure you get the best value possible.

And have fun to boot!

Why Choose Us?

While everyone today can book their own trips through the internet, all is not the same. Countless times, we hear from people who booked their own trips and their accounts about what they got versus what they thought they were getting.

Issues with providers, guides, vehicles and accommodations are very real in a world where what appears like a good deal on the internet, is not always so. Additionally, many resellers of trips to India are just that – resellers. They are simply in the commodities market, selling something they for the most part, have not directly experienced.

We in contrast have front line, direct experience!

And we are passionate about sharing our India and take great pride in putting together what we know will be for you ‘A Journey of a Lifetime!’


  • Partner with you to customize an itinerary which is best suited for ‘you’. With our vast knowledge and resources, we ensure that you get the best possible experience, whether travelling in a group with us, solo, or with your own group
  • Screen and vet our providers. We have been working for over a decade with excellent industry experts who know the nuances and details necessary for making a good trip, great! The difference is in the small details which we ensure are looked after.
  • Provide hand-selected tour guides who along with being ‘English’ speaking, are recognized for their knowledge, personality and professionalism. It is not enough just to know a language – our guides must have a friendly attitude paired with an ability to accommodate specific needs and requests of our guests. Many guests have built long-term friendships with some of our guides and keep in touch to date!
  • Ensure that the vehicle you get – from a small car, to an SUV, mini-van or Bus – is mechanically sound and safe and that your drivers are also vetted for their professionalism, personality and reliability.
  • Fully Support and look after you before, during and after your trip. You get 24/7 support should you need it on a solo or unescorted trip at any point – we are simply a phone call away.

We believe that your holiday adventure need not be about constantly looking after logistics and details; rather, you must be free to fully partake of the richness, beauty and hospitality of India while we take care of all the details.

You do not have to gamble with your adventure…at LDI, we bring 20 plus years of solid experience to ensure that you have a positive, memorable experience.


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